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I'm an over-40 computer junkie with a Hiei/Kagome obsession. I love many manga and anime series, but IY and YYH are my faves and Hiei and Kagome are my two all-time favorite characters, so why not put them together? I have four awesomely cool and wonderful kids, one brilliant but oblivious male I call 'husband,' a basset hound, and a bipolar cat.

I am a huge football fan, love to play volleyball and racquetball, and know my way around a dojo. When it comes to college sports, I bleed blue: U.K. all the way! I love to write, love to read, and am particularly fond of offbeat murder mysteries.

In my spare time (what's that?) between taking care of my family and feeding my obsession, I sometimes manage to squeeze in a few hours of work as a college history professor.